Thank you for choosing Tailored Tails Grooming Salon! We recognize that your furry friend is a member of your family and we strive to give each pet the individual attention they deserve. Our policies help keep your pet safe while with us and make your visit with us most pleasant. We hope to have a life-long relationship with you and your pet(s)!

SAFETY ISSUE:    Leashes & Carriers

Dogs must be on a leash prior to entering the salon. Please be certain it is secure and they can’t slip it off. If you’ve forgotten your leash, please borrow one of our leads.

Cats should be placed in a carrier. It is natural for them to be wary of unfamiliar surroundings and they could have a tendency to “fight or flight” when nervous. If you’ve forgotten your carrier, please borrow ours.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times

Arrival should be at your scheduled appointment time unless previous arrangements have been made. Pets should be picked up within one hour after you’ve been notified that grooming is complete. If this is not possible, we offer care service for $8 per hour. Every effort will be made to make your pet comfortable & secure during this time. A fee of $35 per hour will be charged after closing time.

Scheduled Appointments

A scheduled appointment is considered a contract for services. We set aside time specifically for your pet, and employees go ‘on the clock’ to provide their grooming. Please help us to keep costs low by giving us 24-hour notice if you must re-schedule. We will provide a courtesy confirmation call on the business day prior for your convenience.

If appointment time is reserved & you arrive 25 minutes (or more) late, or no one arrives or calls ahead of time, a fee of $35 per pet will be invoiced.


Colorado state law & El Paso county regulation require rabies vaccination for cats and dogs. We are obligated to have proof of this due to these laws, and to meet OSHA requirements as well as insurance regulations for the safety of our employees.

Please, no exceptions can be made without a letter from your pet’s Veterinarian.

De-matting & De-Tangling

We find that matting is the most misunderstood aspect of pet grooming. What is it? Simply, it’s just tangled hair. A pet’s coat can deceive owners into believing it’s not matted because the coat looks okay from the top. But the truth can be found simply by combing. A comb (not a brush) should glide easily through your pet’s coat over the entire body, reaching all the way through to the skin, to ensure there are no mats. “If a comb won’t go through it, it’s matted.”

A clean and completely mat free coat is required for the teeth of our blades to get through a coat when a pet is getting a haircut. The same is necessary for double-coated pets to have a healthy coat and to properly insulate themselves. A Professional Groomer will be certain that all mats are removed for any pet to be correctly groomed.

Our charge for de-matting is $1 per minute and you will be provided with our estimate for your approval prior to grooming. Each grooming package includes 10 minutes de-matting at no additional charge. Your final cost will be based on the actual time required (timed by digital timer) to de-mat your pet’s coat.  De-matting solution, recirculating bathers, and other specialty products or de-matting techniques may be charged separately.

Tailored Tails reserves the right to allow our professionally-trained staff to determine when de-matting is appropriate as well as how much, if any, will be done on any pet.

Only a careful, minimal de-matting will be done for dogs with light-colored skin and coat, puppies, senior pets, or for any pet with a history of skin sensitivity. De-matting will never be considered for any pet matted over a large percentage of the body. Also, de-matting will not be considered for any pet having symptoms of skin irritation or abnormality.

Seeing or Speaking to Pets During Grooming

For safety reasons, please do not speak to any pet while being groomed. It’s very important that pets do not see you or hear you while in the grooming salon! This is usually most important for dogs. Have you ever noticed that dogs ‘step’ their feet in place when they wag their tail? When they are happy or excited they will jump and prance around wiggling the whole body. This could be dangerous during grooming; remember, sharp instruments are in use!

Also, please do not try to pet or approach pets you don’t know, even if they are in a kennel. A strange pet may react unpredictably, especially when they could be feeling a little insecure or nervous.

For your peace of mind, we have live video cameras for you to see your pet through all phases of the grooming process.