What’s included in my dog’s grooming?

All packages include

  • 2 Baths
  • Coat Conditioner *
  • Ear plucking / cleaning
  • Nail Trimming
  • Nail Filing *
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Pads / Hocks Trimmed

*Often an extra fee at other salons, but not with us! Your pet deserves the best!

Formally trained and/or Certified Professionals here perform all services at Tailored Tails. This is not always the case at many places – for the safety of your pet please ask questions no matter which grooming salon you choose!

Why would I choose a Neat & Tidy instead of a Tailored Tails?  

Most clients prefer to have their pet’s haircut maintained on a regular routine, usually every 4 to 6 weeks. The Neat & Tidy package will get you through until that full haircut appointment without Fido becoming too scruffy or smelly. In other words, a Miniature Schnauzer may stay on our Pampered Pets Program (10% off) and get his full grooming with a Tailored Tails Package every six weeks, and will come in after three weeks for a Neat & Tidy Package (a bath & brush plus the neatening of his face, feet, & furnishings). This regular routine of coming to the Salon every 3 weeks will keep that Miniature Schnauzer looking good and smelling fresh all year long!

Do I need an appointment for a nail trim only? 

Yes, please call ahead to schedule a nail trim.  We should be able to get your dog in quickly.  Proof of rabies vaccination is still required.

How often should I bring my dog for professional grooming?

At least every six weeks is the short answer. Ears should be cleaned and nails trimmed at least that often. However, the long answer is that it varies from breed to breed and from one lifestyle to another. Obviously a Poodle in a fancy trim will need grooming more often than a dog with short hair that lives indoors and needs only the occasional bath. If you’re not sure, please ask your Groomer so that we can answer this question specifically for you and your dog. We can help you out with your life’s busy schedule. Remember, you don’t have to book your appointment for the “works”.  You can always book for a simple brushing & combing if this is what your dog needs and you are short on time. We are here to assist you with your pet’s grooming needs and will do our best to help!


We prefer to keep our Salon as calm and quiet as possible, and we do not over-book our staff.  We do not rush!  Pets are very sensitive to the feelings of those around them and need a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

Having said that, we find that many people believe a pet’s appointment works much the same as a person’s appointment at a hair salon.  However, due to the procedures necessary to grooming and the fact that pets have much more hair than we do, it’s best to rotate two pets through grooming at the same time or very close together. This is first and foremost best for the pet, but also the most efficient & productive way to groom the pet in a timely manner.

At Tailored Tails we generally book two medium-sized pets in a two-hour time block for each Groomer at 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 3pm.  We make adjustments to the schedule based on coat type, coat condition, size of the pet, and services requested.

Your scheduled appointment is considered a contract for services, therefore, kindly give us 24-hour notice if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment. Even with less notice we may be able to fill the appointment from our waiting list. No show, no call will result in a $35 fee per pet per our policy. 

How long will it take?

We usually say it will take a 3-hour window of time; maybe more, maybe less, as we are dealing with animals and the animal behaviors they present. Smaller pets will most likely be done in two hours or less, larger pets may require four hours. The real answer is “it depends.”  A Golden Retriever that comes in every 4 weeks will take less time, obviously, than the Golden Retriever who comes in twice a year.

More on Appointments and “How long will it take?”

Realizing that most people have not been “inside” a grooming Salon, let’s explain all that a little better…  We book two pets in a two-hour time block for each Groomer, 8am, 10am, 1pm, and 3pm.  So let’s say that a Groomer’s first two pets of the day are a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier.  The Cocker Spaniel will arrive at 8am, and the Yorkie arrives at 8:15am.  The Cocker Spaniel will have nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, and will be first in the bathtub. Cocker Spaniels have lots of hair! The Cocker will still be in the tub as the Yorkie is having nails and ears done.  Once done with the bath, every dog is towel-wrapped and placed on more towels in a kennel to absorb as much water as possible before going to the drying room to be dried by hand. The towel wrap is an important step in the grooming process so that the pet is exposed to less time with noise of our driers.  While the Cocker Spaniel is towel wrapped, the Yorkie is bathed and also placed in the towel wrap.  The Yorkie has much less hair and needs only a minute or two in that wrap, while the Cocker needs a good 15 or 20 minutes.  So here’s where the dogs switch places, as dictated by their coat types. The Yorkie can be completely dried, taken to the Grooming table, have her hair cut and her owner called, while that Cocker Spaniel is still being dried! Even though the Cocker Spaniel arrived first, the coat type dictates our grooming process and that Yorkie will be back home well before the Cocker Spaniel.

Please note, too, that this scenario is free of any time delays faced daily with typical animal behaviors. What if the Cocker was afraid to have his nails trimmed? We must slow down and patiently work him through it.  What if one of the pets is matted? This takes extra time in the tub, extra time while drying to brush through the mats, and extra time on the grooming table to get rid of all mats as well.  What if one of the pets relieves themselves? We must interrupt the process to clean up the pet and clean and disinfect equipment as well.  What if we find a tick or fleas? This must be addressed, again requiring extra time. All part of a normal day in a grooming salon! There are so many unknowns we run into with every pet! We encounter normal, typical animal situations & behaviors as the day goes on and, even though some time is factored into our appointment block for these things, we may still run into delays. In order to be calm and patient with each animal and give them the proper care they deserve, we ask that all humans realize that we are working with the needs of animals and grant us the time to care for them as they require.  If you have time constraints on your pet’s grooming day, please consider rescheduling to a day when we may meet your pet’s needs comfortably and without rushing him/her.

How much will it cost to groom my dog?

We get many, many phone calls with this question! Oh, how simple our lives would be if we could give one flat price for a breed! Pricing for cat grooming is so much easier! Please see above What’s included in my dog’s grooming?

The price for grooming a dog is based on product and labor needed for the services chosen.  Just like any other service-oriented business, it all comes down to time and material.  Call our office at 719-596-TAIL or stop in with your pet for an accurate estimate.

Here are a few questions that must be considered when determining pricing:

  • What breed of dog do you have?
  • Does the dog have curly hair or straight hair? (they are dried differently) Does the dog have a thick coat or sparse?
  • What size is the dog?
  • Is the dog’s coat tangled or matted?
  • When was the dog’s last visit to a professional groomer?
  • Do you bathe the dog at home?
  • When was the last bath?
  • How do you dry the dog at home?
  • Do you comb or brush the dog regularly?
  • Does the dog live indoors or outside?
  • Is the dog a puppy or a senior pet?
  • Do you want a Bath & Brush or a Tailored Tails full grooming?
  • Does your dog need other services?
  • There are too many questions to list here!

Can I drop off my dog early? Can I pick up my dog after work?

For the convenience of our clients, Tailored Tails offers Before and After Care Service for a nominal fee of $8 per hour.

We realize everyone leads a busy life. You may drop off your pet up to one hour early without charge. Pets should be picked up within one hour after we call to let you know your dog is ready. Outside of these times we offer Care Service.  Dogs will be kenneled and supervised.  They are provided with bedding and water and will be walked regularly at our ForeverLawn K9Grass area for their comfort.  In cold weather we will provide a heating pad or a blanket or both.

We cannot, unfortunately, offer extended hours of day care or overnight boarding; we are not licensed for these services.

What brush is best to use? 

Actually, we recommend that you use a comb on most dogs. Longer hair must be combed to find the tangles. Once you find one, place the comb under the tangle and then brush the hairs against the comb to break apart the tangle. This method is much more comfortable for your pet.

Each pet is unique and each coat is different. Each requires a different method of maintenance. Please ask us so that we can answer this question specifically for you and your dog.

Why do Groomers always say my dog is matted, even though I brush her?

Honestly, it is the most misunderstood topic in the care of a pet’s coat. We understand, though, truly.  Groomers are pet owners, too.

Mats can be serious, sometimes requiring Veterinary care. One small tangle can grow into a larger tangle until the coat is matted over large areas of the body. A matted coat will become more matted until it is “pelted” over the entire body. Matted coat traps moisture and bacteria against the skin and may cause sores, hot spots, & even abscesses. Mats pull on the skin causing movement to be uncomfortable or even painful. Mats can hide insects and parasites, and they can trap outdoor debris such as sticks, grass, and leaves. I have even found rocks trapped in matted coat in a dog’s foot pads. I have found household items such as paper clips, straight pins, bobby pins, and craft items stuck in a dog’s tangled hair.  Matted coat is not just a matter of appearance.

We’re aware some of those statements seems pretty incredible to someone not familiar with grooming.  It’s something you have to see to believe. We offer lots of information to help you, though, if your pet is having problems with tangled hair. Please talk to us! We have informational brochures, a PowerPoint slide show, photos, books, DVD’s, and magazine articles that may help.  All may be viewed free of charge. We can also provide combing and brushing lessons and handling tips to use while you are combing or brushing. Communicate your needs to us and let us help!